About Us

Our Motto

Friendship in Peace and Harmony

Club 87 is, without a doubt, Nigeria’s no. 1 social club in the United Kingdom. It is a club everyone likes to be identified with. Unfortunately, due to a strict control of membership, many who aspire to join, each year, never make it.

Formed in 1987, the Club has enjoyed tremendous amount of respect from all Nigerians in the United Kingdom. It’s annual calendar of activities is enjoyed by many, and the Annual Party fixed for the 2nd Saturday of each December, has remained so since it’s formation in 1987. It is an event held mostly at Hilton hotel locations and yet remains always over-subscribed each year.

The name “Club 87”, was chosen, among a list of others, to symbolise the year of formation.

The logo for the club is “two hands shaking each other in a most friendly manner”, symbolising the unity, friendliness, brotherliness and love that all members must show towards each other and humanity.

The motto of the Club is “Friendship in Peace and Harmony”.

Club 87 is a social, non-political organisation which supports various charities.

We welcome you to our site.

President Ozique

The current President is Mr. Gabriel Ozique. The concept of ex-President does not exist in Club 87. There is the current President, and Presidents. The highest office of the club is most respected, and the principle is, “once a President, always a President”. Over the years, Club 87  has been steered successfully by men of high quality, who have ensured that the club grows from strength to strength.

Mr. Gabriel Ozique is a Technical Innovation Lead at Telent Technological Services Ltd. in Birmingham. A graduate of Communications Engineering from University of Plymouth, Gabriel went further to get a Masters degree in Engineering from University of Essex before topping it with Masters in Business Administration from University of Bradford.

During his nomination speech, which he delivered with classical humility, he promised the club an exciting year. As an accomplished administrator, the Club is beginning to feel the impact of the new sheriff in town. We wish you a successful year tenure!

Other Executive members are:

  • Chief Dr. Maurice Sanomi – Vice President
  • Professor Rotimi Jaiyesimi – Gen Sec
  • Titus Osunro – Asst Gen Sec
  • Mr Menzes Garry – Treasurer
  • Mr. Sunny Idigbe – PRO
  • Mr. Spencer Duvwiama – Fin Sec
Mr Gabriel Ozique and Wife