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Letter of Thanks – APA

Below is a letter of thanks sent toClub87 from the Association for Prostate Awareness. We are pleased to be a supporter of this invaluable charity and thank those who supported us in raising the £2000.00 donation.

Association for Prostate Awareness
Newham African Caribbean Resource Centre
627 – 633 Barking Road
London,   E13 9EZ

 Dear The President – Club 87, Dr. Sanomi.

The Association for Prostate Awareness – Thank you.

 On behalf of The Association for Prostate Awareness, I would like to thank you and Club 87 for the very generous donation of £2000.00 made to the Association on the 8th December 2013.

The Association for Prostate Awareness (APA) is a voluntary association, which was created by men from the African and Caribbean community in Newham, northeast London;

  • To promote the preservation and safeguarding of people with prostate illnesses living in North East London and its surrounding area.  This will be achieved through education to raise awareness of prostate illnesses, promoting the provision of support and of recreational facilities with the object of improving their quality of life.
  • To Influence decision making which affects health and social care in all areas locally, nationally and internationally. 

Since its inception, in 2005, we have provided advice, information, and support to men and families experiencing prostate problems. APA has also been the recipient of a number of awards from the NHS, the Afiya Trust, and Communities of Health. This was only made possible because of thoughtful contributions from people and organisations such as yours.

Your contribution has given us a wonderful start to 2014, making it possible for us to continue our award winning awareness raising work in North East London.

Once again thank you, as an appreciation of our thanks we would be willing to support any health awareness event you may hold in the future.

Yours sincerely

Sonia Harding, Chair