• We have no restrictions on Nationality or race, but age limit is a minimum of 18
  • We are a non-political and charitable organisation who have continued to support many known causes
Procedure for Joining

A prospective member must be sponsored by a current full paid up member of the club. An application form must be completed with an application fee, which is fully refundable on refusal of admission. Current joining fee is £200.

All new members must be screened thoroughly to ensure that they stand up to the standard expected of all members.You need to ask your sponsor.

Details of other procedures for joining, in place at the time of application, shall apply accordingly. New members are expected to take the oath of allegiance to the Club’s Constitution.

A new member may be on probation for a period of six months, or longer, after joining the Club. During the period, the new member needs to demonstrate appropriate attitude towards the Club’s activities and rules. Counselling and guidance is usually provided by the sponsor. All rights/benefits (except voting rights) stand suspended during the probation period.

In the event that such a person is found not to measure up to expectations in his/her attitude, character, performance and/or other abilities, the Executive committee may take necessary action to terminate his/her membership.


Patrons and Matrons

From time to time, eminent personalities may be chosen as patrons or matrons of the Club. Just as new members are thoroughly screened before acceptance, so shall patrons and matrons. The formal motion of their appointments must be carried by at least two thirds of the active members of the Club. The character and personality of a patron/matron is of utmost importance. Please check the Patrons page for a list of current Patrons and Matrons.


Honorary Members

Honorary membership of the club may be awarded to eminent personalities, usually in recognition of outstanding contribution towards the progress of the Club.

An Honorary Member, may attend the Club’s regular General Meetings, and vote on any issues, but they do not count towards formation of a quorum at any Club meeting. Also an Honorary member does not have full rights and benefits enjoyed by members of the Club.

There are, at the moment, 0 Honorary Members of Club 87.


Member’s Rights

Every member has equal voting rights in any ballot. A member’s spouse is regarded as a passive member of the Club, and therefore has no power of franchise. However, in the event of death of a member, the spouse may assume an active role, if the Club so decides, without undergoing the formal joining procedures.

We operate a lifelong membership structure, unless a member looses his membership by resignation or expulsion from the Club, he or she may remain a member for life. The spirit is,”once a member, always a member“.


Welfare Policy

Club 87 has a comprehensive welfare policy for its members. Please ask your sponsor for further details.

To ask for further details about Club 87, or to become a member please contact us.